AidanobrienfansiteYearbook 2018

The AOBFS Yearbook 2018 has arrived this is the 5th yearbook we have produced, and we really hope that you our website visitors and twitter followers enjoy it.

You can see the interactive flipbook below at the bottom of this page or if you would prefer it you can download the PDF version to view on your PC or Tablet the download link is directly below and we highly recommend downloading for best result.

Downloading will be the better option for you as the flipbook controls can be a little bit tricky and Perhaps you will find the year book more enjoyable if you download it and view it on your own computer. Thank you for taking the time to come and view a tiny bit of Aidan’s season. Many thanks 

Paul Rhodes AOBFS Founder

If you have enjoyed reading the yearbook and feel like making a donation to a worthwhile cause please support our charity partner The Irish Injured Jockeys Fund I couldn’t have thought of a more worthwhile cause than the Irish Injured Jockeys Fund. Any donation no matter how large or small would be gratefully received and will do alot of good.

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