COOLMORE   2yo's Updated 16/09/14

Special Thanks to Chris Palmer Jason Doyle Ian Humphries 
A huge thank you to Imelda Parker

2yos colts:

Archangel Raphael Montjeu x La Sylvia (5/2/2012)  
Aloft (Galileo - Dietrich)   

Aspen Colorado Galileo x St Roch (26/4/2012)  

Bantry Bay Galileo x Play Misty For Me (3/5/2012)    

Battle of Marathon War Front x Sayedah (19/3/2012)   

Bayou Galileo x Simply Perfect (26/2/2012)  

Best Kept Secret Duke Of Marmalade x Rawabi (29/2/2012)     

Bondi Beach Galileo x One Moment In Time (23/2/2012)   

Cape Clear Island  Fastnet Rock x Kushnarenkovo (8/5/2012) 

Cenotaph  War Front x Sanserif (01/01/12)    *NEW

Cradle Mountain - Mastercraftsman x Sea Picture (10/4/2012)     

Crocodile Rock Galileo x Aleagueoftheirown (13/5/2012)   

Dick Whittington - Rip Van Winkle x Sahara Sky (25/2/2012)   

Eisenhower - War Front x Volga (31/3/2012)  

East India Galileo x Field Of Hope (8/3/2012) 

Father Christmas Bernadini x Christmas Kid (28/2/12)   

Father Frost - Rip Van Winkle x Yaria (20/3/2012)   

Fields of Athenry - Galileo x Last Love (29/4/2012)    

General Marshall -  War Front x Julie From Dixie (22/2/2012)  

Gleneagles - Galileo x You'resothrilling  (22/01/12)    

Giant Redwood - Galileo x Gwynn (19/1/2012)   

Giovanni Canaletto - Galileo x Love Me True (8/5/2012)  

Goodwill -  Montjeu x Mora Bai (3/5/2012)  

Gran Paradiso - Galileo x Looking Lovely (30/3/2012)    

Headquarters - Oasis Dream x Front House (13/3/2012)  

Hail the Hero - (Galileo - Mauralakana)    

Hallmark Montjeu x Starlight Night (9/3/2012)    

Hanover Street - Galileo x Halfway To Heaven (13/5/2012)  

Hans Holbein - Montjeu x Llia (21/5/2012)  

Highland Reel - Galileo x Hveger (21/2/2012) 

Hobart - Galileo x Mythical Echo (9/5/2012)     

Homeland - Galileo x Withorwithoutyou (7/4/2012)   

Ice Kingdom - Quality Road x Weekend Strike (7/5/2012)  

Imperial Palace - Montjeu x First Breeze (2/5/2012)  

Ivanovich Gorbatov - Montjeu x Northern Gulch (31/3/2012) 

Jacobean High Chaparral x Civility Cat (11/4/2012)  

Jamaica Galileo x Dialafara (14/4/2012)   

Jinska Lake Galileo x Al Ihsas (10/5/2012)  

John F Kennedy  Galileo x Rumplestiltskin (7/2/2012) 

King of Aragon Montjeu x Crazy Volume (5/4/2012)    

Kilimanjaro High Chaparral x Middle Persia (6/4/2012)   

Latin Quarter Montjeu x Ecoutila (16/2/2012) 

Los Barbados Galileo x Milanova (25/4/2012)    

Ol'man River Montjeu x Finsceal Beo (7/3/2012)  

Order of St George Galileo x Another Storm (22/2/2012)  

Pathway  Duke Of Marmalade x Beltisaal (18/4/2012)    

Prospector Galileo x Starlight Dream (22/3/2012)  

Red Cardinal Montjeu x Notable (14/5/2012) 

Ringmaster Montjeu x Penny's Gold (3/5/2012) 

Royal Navy Ship - War Front x Indy Punch (8/2/2012) 

Rule The Waves War Front x Rag And Bone (14/3/2012)   

Shark Island Fastnet Rock x Lady Lupus (22/1/2012) 

Sandro Botticelli Galileo x Ask For The Moon (15/3/2012)  

Sherlock Holmes Galileo x Golden Ballet (11/5/2012)   

Siege Of Orleans - War Front x Watch (28/3/2012)   

Sir Isaac Newton Galileo x Shastye (12/2/2012)  

Smuggler's Cove Fastnet Rock x Chenchikova (17/2/2012)   

Song of Love Fastnet Rock x Delicate Charm (26/1/2012) 

St. Patrick's Day Fastnet Rock x Race for the Stars  

Tamarind Cove Galileo x Saoire (20/4/2012)  

The Crewmaster - Mastercraftsman x Pertinence (3/2/2012)  

The Happy Prince - Rip Van Winkle x Maid To Dream (24/2/2012)   

The Great War - War Front x Guide (25/3/2012)  

The Warrior  -  Exceed And Excel x Aymara (14/3/2012)     

Torrey Pines Galileo x Beauty Is Truth (25/3/2012)    

Toscanelli Galileo x Massarra (20/4/2012)   

Treaty Of Rome War Front x Blading Gold Ring (7/2/2012)   

US Navy Seal - War Front x Questress (25/4/2012)  

War Envoy - War Front x La Conseillante (28/3/2012)   

Warofindependence War Front x My Dear Annie (9/3/2012)    

Galileo x Dancing Shoes - (5/4/12)

Galileo x Riskaverse - (8/5/12) 

2yo fillies:

Absorbing - Duke Of Marmalade x Sanctify (20/4/2012)     

Along The Shore Dylan Thomas x Golden Dancer (1/3/2012)    

As Good As Gold Oasis Dream x You'll Be Mine (11/3/2012)  

Ask Me Nicely Fastnet Rock x Queen Titi (21/2/2012)    

Before Long Duke Of Marmalade x Roselita (17/3/2012) 

Belong Fastnet Rock x Leonia (4/5/2012)    

Cocoon  Galileo x Mystical Lady (10/4/2012)    

Diamond Bangle Galileo x Looking Back (16/1/2012) 

Diamondsandrubies Fastnet Rock x Quarter Moon (30/4/2012) 

Easter  Galileo x Missvinski (22/4/2012) 

Echos Of My Mind - Fastnet Rock x In My Dreams (3/3/2012)  

Facade Galileo x Charlotte Bronte (15/4/2012)     

Fluff Galileo x Sumora (14/4/2012) 

Fonteyn Oasis Dream x Alexandrova ( 16/3/2012)  

Found Galileo x Red Evie (13/3/2012)  

I Am Beautiful - Rip Van Winkle x Monevassia (4/3/2012)  

I'll Fly Away Galileo x Twyla (21/5/2012)    *

Kissed By Angels Galileo x Lillie Langtry (9/2/2012)     

Loved  Galileo x Anna Karenina (7/5/2012)    

Often Galileo x Mariah's Storm (16/3/2012) 

Outstanding  Galileo x Absolutelyfabulous (28/4/2012)    

On A Pedestal - Montjeu x Blue Cloud (16/4/2012)  

Pink Lavender Duke Of Marmalade x Delphinium (10/2/2012)  

Qualify - Fastnet Rock x Perihelion (22/4/2012)  

Terracotta Fastnet Rock x Sacrosanct (22/4/2012)  

Timbuktu -  Fastnet Rock x Flashing Green (7/4/2012)     

Together Forever Galileo x Green Room (19/3/2012) 

Truth Galileo x Prudenzia (21/2/2012) 

Toogoodtobetrue Oasis Dream x All For Glory (3/2/2012) 

Sea Of Blue - Fastnet Rock x Song Of The Sea (30/4/2012)  

Simply A Star - Giant's Causeway x Cherry Hinton (9/3/2012)  

Unbelievable Fastnet Rock x Maryinsky (6/5/2012) 

Wandering  Fastnet Rock x Piping (13/2/2012)  

Wedding Vow Galileo x Remember When (4/2/2012) 

Words Dansili x Moonstone (21/2/2012)       


To be trained by David Wachman

2yos colts:

Black Wolf Run B c (2012) by Danehill Dancer - Damson -   

Crescent Ch c (2012) by Galileo - Coralita - 

Swordfight Ch c (2012) by Mastercraftsman - Dundel -   

Words Of A Prophet MB c (2012) by Holy Roman Emperor - Sharpville -  

2yos Filly:

Beautifully B f (2012) by Galileo - Again -   
Classical B f (2012) by Galileo - Chanting (USA) -  
Curvy B f (2012) by Galileo - Frappe -  
Curlylocks Ch f (2012) by Galileo - Meow -  

Embellishment B f (2011) by Galileo - Sophisticat (USA) -  

Georgia On My Mind Bay Filly Galileo x Singing Diva 
Fairytale Ending B f (2012) by Galileo - Airwave (GB) - 

Legatissimo Bay Filly Danehill Dancer x Yummy Mummy -  

Mayakoba Bay Filly Galileo x Cherokee

Squeeze Ch f (2012) by Danehill Dancer - Wedding Morn -  

Some Romance Bay Filly Galileo x Withorwithoutyou - 


To be trained by Andre Fabre

Astrology Truth Galileo x Circle of Life
Bonjour Montjeu x Clodora
Brother Grim Rip Van Winkle  x Sinueuse
Court Of Versailles  Giant's Causeway x Measure
Gibb's Beach Galileo x Heavenly Bay
Giuseppe Piazzi Galileo x Belesta
Le Cirque  Galileo x Latin Love
Medina Sidonia Montjeu x Valdara
Sir George Airy Galileo x Rafina
Toccata Galileo x Piquetnol
Galileo x Rags To Riches

Allez Y Rip Van Winkle  x L'Ancresse
Desire Moi Galileo x Dance For Fun
Love On My Mind Galileo x Moments of Joy

To be trained by Sir Michael Stoute 


Rip Van Winkle  x Star Ruby = Stravagante
Galileo x Ice Queen = UnNamed

Galileo x  Blue Rhapsody = 
Moonlight Sonata

To be trained by John Gosden

Christophermarlowe - Bay Colt (2/6/12) Tapit x Dress Rehearsal

To be trained by Wesley Ward

Munnings x Circle of Love = Circle the World

America (Trainer Unknown)

Munnings x Floating Heart = Cynisca

France (Trainer Unknown)

Galileo x Elusive Wave = Brandybend

Galileo x Alpine Rose = Moonlight Shadow

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