Morning All just a quick update on the 2018 versions of the Josephobrienfansite & Aidanobrienfansite yearbooks. Myself and Anne will begin work on the books straight after the Breeders Cup (3rd & 4th November) work will start first on Jospeh's then onto Aidan's. As always they will be available for free and the plan is to release them well before Christmas.

You will be able to view the book in Flipbook format on the websites it will also be available for you to download and read in your own time at home in PDF format.

You can see below some sample covers below as a taster and we will keep you posted on our progress with a few teasers along the way.

The Yearbooks have proven to be very popular over one thousand of the 2017 versions were downloaded. 

Many thanks for your time - Paul Rhodes (AOBFS)

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