Galileo's Astonishing stud career - The great Sire's year by year stats by numbers - an absolute phenomenon

Galileo's 190 Individual Group Race Winners

Line Of Duty a new  G1 Winner in Galileo's A to Z of Group winners

Individual Stakes Race Winners - 467
Individual Group Race Winners - 190
Individual Listed Winners - 99

Galileo Group/Grade Winning Progeny

80 Individual Group Three Winners 
Adored, Age of Aquarius, Aigue Marine, Aloof, Alvaro, Apple Betty, Astrology, Be My Gal, Beacon Rock, Beautiful Morning, Best in the World, Bondi Beach, Broadway, Bye Bye Baby, Cabaret, Coolmore, Cyprus Creek, Cuis Ghaire, Douglas Macarthur, Dress Rehearsal, Ernest Hemingway, Eye of the Storm, Faufiler, Feel Like Dancing, Fields of Athenry, Flattering, Flying the Flag, Galatee, Galileo's Choice, Gatewood, Gravitation, Giuseppe Pazzi, Heliostatic, Hermosa, Housesofparliament, Igraine, John F Kennedy, Kenya, Kissed by Angels, Lay Time, Leo's Starlet, Lightinthenite, Lil'wing, Magical Dream, Mahler, Mekong River, Midterm, Mizzou, Observational, Oh Goodness Me, Orchestra, Platinum Warrior, Pretty Perfect, Prima Luce, Promise to Be True, Quest for Peace, Rain Gal, Rain Goddess, Recorder, Saint Minerva, Say, Scintillula, Sense of Purpose, Sevenna, Shantaram, Sidera, Silver Galaxy, Sir Isaac Newton, Sizzling, South Easter, Spanish Steps, Starstruck, Sub Rose, Terrakova, The Corsican, The Pentagon, Ursa Major, Us Army Ranger, Venice Beach, Wonderfully.

35 Individual Group Two Winners
Ampere, Antony Van Dyck, Battle of Marengo, Call To Mind, Cliffs Of Moher, David Livingston, Elizabeth Browning, Gallant Tess, Global View, Gospel Choir, Gretchen, Gustav Klimt,  Idaho, Il Saggiatore, Incanto Dream, Japan, Johann Zoffany,  Kite Wood, Magic Wand, Midas Touch, Mikhail Glinka, Mission Impassible, Mohawk, Port Douglas, Secret Gesture, Sertorius, Spiritjim, Sword Fighter, Tanby, Telescope, The Taj Mahal, Up, Vendangeur, Wedding Vow, Yucatan. 

75 Individual Group One winners 
Frankel 10, Minding 7, Highland Reel 7, Cape Blanco 5, New Approach 5, Misty for Me 4 ,Igugu 4, Gleneagles 4, Churchill 4, Winter 4, Rip Van Winkle 3, Lush Lashes 3, Noble Mission 3, Australia 3, Golden Lilac 3, Found 3, Alice Springs 3, Order of St George 3, Decorated Knight 3, Rhododendron 3, Red Rocks 2, Treasure Beach 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Teofilo 2, Roderick O'Connor 2, Alandi 2, Magician 2, Adelaide 2, Nathaniel 2, The Gurkha 2, Mondialiste 2, Seventh Heaven 2, Photo Call 2, Ulysses 2, Capri 2, Happily 2. Hyrangea 2, Waldgeist 2, Kew Gardens 2, Kingsbarns 1, Imperial Monarch 1, Was  1, Great Heavens 1, Together 1, Galikova 1, Lily of the Valley 1 ,Sans Frontieres 1, Cima De Triomphe 1, Nightime 1, Maybe 1, Sixties Icon 1, Allegretto 1, Mahbooba 1, Niwot 1, Sousa 1, Ruler of the World 1, Intello 1, Linton 1, Romantica 1, Seville 1, Altano 1, Marvellous 1, Tapestry 1, Together Forever 1, Ballydoyle 1, Curvy 1, Johannes Vermeer 1, The United States 1, Deauville 1, Foundry 1, Clemmie 1,  Forever Together 1, Flag Of Honour 1, Magical 1, Line Of Duty. 

39 Multiple Group One winners 
Frankel 10, Minding 7, Highland Reel 7, Cape Blanco 5, New Approach 5, Misty for Me 4 ,Igugu 4, Gleneagles 4, Churchill 4, Winter 4, Rip Van Winkle 3, Lush Lashes 3, Noble Mission 3, Australia 3, Golden Lilac 3, Found 3, Alice Springs 3, Order of St George 3, Decorated Knight 3, Red Rocks 2, Treasure Beach 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Teofilo 2, Roderick O'Connor 2, Alandi 2, Magician 2, Adelaide 2, Nathaniel 2, The Gurkha 2, Mondialiste 2, Seventh Heaven 2, Photo Call 2, Ulysses 2, Capri 2, Rhododendron 2, Hyrangea 2, Happily 2,, Waldgeist 2, Kew Gardens 2.

32 Individual Classic Winners  
Nightime, Sixties Icon, Allegretto, Soldier of Fortune, Cima De Triomphe, New Approach, Alandi,  Cape Blanco, Sans Frontiers,  Golden Lilac, Frankel, Misty for Me, Roderic O'Connor, Treasure Beach, Was, Great Heavens, Magician, Ruler of the World, Intello, Marvellous, Australia, Gleneagles, Order of St George, Minding, The Gurkha, Seventh Heaven, Churchill, Winter. Capri, Forever Together, Kew Gardens, Flag Of Honour,

8 Multiple Classic Winners 
Golden Lilac, Australia, Gleneagles, Minding, Churchill, Winter, Order Of St George, Capri.

36 Members of the Galileo Millionaires Club
Highland Reel - £7,513,355 - A 7 time Group /Grade 1 winner in England Hong Kong & USA
Found - £5,058,029 - A 3 time Group/Grade 1 Winner in France and the United States 
Frankel - £2,998,302 -  A 10 time Group One winner in England.
Cape Blanco - £2,574,670 - A 5 time Group/Grade 1 winner in Ireland and the United States 
Minding - £2,327,295 - A 7 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland 
Australia - £2,090,503 - A 3 time Group 1winner in England and Ireland 
Order Of St George* -  £1,986,324   - A 3 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland 
New Approach - £1,992,068 - A 5 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland 
Ulysses - £1,916,923 - A 2 time Group 1 winner in England 
Seventh Heaven - £1,623,567 - A 2 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland 
Red Rocks - £1,623,003 - A 2 time Grade 1 winner in the United States 
Magician - £1,579,292 - A 2 time Group /Grade 1 winner in Ireland and the United States 
Treasure Beach - £1,513,936 - A 2 time Group /Grade 1 Winner in Ireland and the United States 
Capri* - £1,499,632  - A 2 time Group 1 winner in England & Ireland 
Adelaide - £1,471,592 - A 2 time Group / Grade 1 winner in Australia and the United States 
Nathaniel - £1,464,688 - A 2 time Group 1 winner in England 
Churchill - £1,392,478 - A 4 time Group 1 winner in England & Ireland 
Noble Mission - £1,364,058 - A 3 time Group 1 winner in England Ireland and France
Rhododendron* - £1,363,927 -  A 3 time Group 1 Winner in England & France
Intello - £1,359,934 - A Group 1 winner in France 
Soldier Of Fortune - £1,341,073 - A 2 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland
Decorated Knight - £1,326,618 - A 3 time Group 1 winner in Ireland & UAE
Linton - £1,316,569 - A Group 1 winner in Australia 
Mondialiste - £1,266,851 - A 2 time Grade 1 winner in the United States and Canada 
Lush Lashes - £1,204,226  - A 3 time Group 1 winner in England and Ireland 
Rip Van Winkle - £1,201,333 - A 3 time Group 1 winner in England
Idaho* -  £1,196,473  - A multiple Group Two winner in the United Kingdom     
Purple Moon - £1,173,194 - A 2007 Melbourne Cup runner up and a Listed winner
The United States - £1,145,770 - A Group 1 and multiple Group 2 winner in Australia
Waldgeist* - £1,136,969 - A 2 Time Group 1 Winner in France 
Winter - £1,089,592 - A 4 time Group 1 winner in England & Ireland 
Ruler Of The World - £1,070,243 - A Group 1 winner in England and a Group 2 winner in France. 
Johannes Vermeer* - £1,048,068  - A Group 1 winner in France 
Magical* £1,094,909 - A Group 1 winner in England 
Cliffs Of Moher* - £1,020,344 - A Group 2 winner in Ireland 
Deauville* £1,017,317 - A Group One winner in The United States 

Galileo Group One progeny Vctories by Nation.

Ireland – 40 Group 1
Irish 2000 Guineas -(4)- Roderic O’Connor (2011), Magician (2013), Gleneagles (2015), Churchill (2017) Tattersalls Gold Cup -(2)- Noble Mission (2014), Decorated Knight (2017) 
Irish 1000 Guineas -(4)- Nightime (2006), Misty For Me (2011), Marvellous (2014), Winter (2017) 
Pretty Polly Stakes -(2) - Misty For Me (2011), Minding (2016), Winter (2017) 
Irish Derby -(5)- Soldier Of Fortune (2007), Cape Blanco (2010), Treasure Beach (2011), Australia (2014), Capri (2017) 
Irish Oaks -(2)- Great Heavens (2012), Seventh Heaven (2016) 
Matron Stakes -(5)- Lush Lashes (2008), Alice Spring (2016), Hydrangea (2017) 
Irish Champion Stakes -(3)- New Approach (2008), Cape Blanco (2010), Decorated Knight (2017) Moyglare Stud Stakes -(4)- Misty For Me (2010), Maybe (2011), Minding (2015), Happily (2017) 
National Stakes -(4)- Teofilo (2006),  New Approach (2007),Gleneagles (2014), Churchill (2016) 
Irish St Leger -(5) - Alandi (2009), Sans Frontieres (2010), Order Of St George (2015),  Order Of St George (2017), Flag Of Honour (2018)

England – 60 Group 1
2000 Guineas -(3)- Frankel (2011), Gleneagles (2015), Churchill (2017) 
1000 Guineas -(2)- Minding (2016), Winter (2017) 
Lockinge Stakes -(2)- Frankel (2012), Rhododendron (2018)
Coronation Cup -(2)- Soldier Of Fortune (2008) Highland Reel (2017) 
Oaks -(3)- Was (2012), Minding (2016), Forever Together (2018) 
Derby -(3)- New Approach (2008), Ruler Of The World (2013), Australia (2014) 
Queen Anne Stakes -(1)- Frankel (2012) 
St James’s Palace -(2)- Frankel (2011), Gleneagles (2015) 
Gold Cup -(1)- Order Of St George (2016) 
Coronation Stakes -(2)- Lush Lashes (2008) Winter (2017) 
Prince of Wales Stakes -(1)- Highland Reel (2017) 
Eclipse Stakes -(2)- Nathaniel (2012) Ulysses (2017) 
Falmouth Stakes -(1)- Alice Spring (2016) 
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes -(2)- Nathaniel (2011), Highland Reel (2016) 
Sussex Stakes -(4) - Rip Van Winkle (2009), Frankel (2011, 2012), The Gurkha (2016) 
Nassau Stakes -(1)- Minding (2016) 
International Stakes -(4)- Rip Van Winkle (2010), Frankel (2012), Australia (2014), Ulysses (2017) Yorkshire Yorkshire Oaks -(3)- Lush Lashes (2008), Tapestry (2014),  Seventh Heaven (2016) 
St Leger -(3)- Sixties Icon (2006), Capri (2017),  Kew Gardens (2018) 
Cheveley Park Stakes -(1)- Clemmie (2017). 
Sun Chariot Stakes - (1)- Alice Spring (2016) 
Fillies’ Mile -(3)- Together Forever (2014), Minding (2015), Rhododendron (2016) 
Dewhurst Stakes -(4)- Teofilo (2006), New Approach (2007, Frankel (2010), Churchill (2016) 
Champion Fillies & Mares Stakes -(2)- Hydrangea (2017), Magical (2018) 
Queen Elizabeth II Stakes -(3)- Rip Van Winkle (2009), Frankel (2011), Minding (2106) 
Champion Stakes -(3)- New Approach (2008), Frankel (2012), Noble Mission (2014) 
Racing Post Trophy -(1)- Kingsbarns (2012)

France – 24 Group 1 
Poule d’Essai des Poulains -(1)- The Gurkha (2016) 
Poule d’Essai des Pouliches -(1)- Golden Lilac (2011) 
Prix du Jockey Club -(1)- Intello (2013) 
Grand Prix de Paris -(2)- Imperial Monarch (2012), Kew Gardens (2018)
Prix de Diane -(1)- Golden Lilac (2011)
Prix d’Ispahan -(1)- Golden Lilac (2012) 
Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud -(2)- Noble Mission (2014), Waldgeist (2018)
Prix Jean Romanet -(1)- Romantica (2013) 
Prix de l’Opera -(2)- Lily Of The Valley (2010), Rhododenron (2017) 
Prix du Cadran -(2)- Alandi (2009), Altano (2013) Prix Royal-Oak -(1)- Allegretto (2007) 
Prix de L’Arc de Triomph -(1)- Found (2016) 
Prix Marcel Boussac -(3)- Misty For Me (2010), Found (2014), Ballydoyle (2015) 
Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère – (1) – Happily (2017) 
Prix Vermeille -(1)- Galikova (2011) 
Criterium International -(2)- Roderic O’Connor (2010), Johannes Vermeer (2015) 
Criterium de Saint-Cloud -(1)- Waldgeist

America – 16 Group 1 
Secretariat Stakes -(3)- Treasure Beach (2011), Adelaide (2014), Highland Reel (2015) 
Arlington Million -(2)- Cape Blanco (2011), Mondailiste (2016) 
Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Inv Stakes -(1)- Cape Blanco (2011) 
Man O’War Stakes -(2)- Red Rocks (2008), Cape Blanco (2011) 
E P Taylor Stakes -(1)- Curvy (2015) Belmont Derby -(1)- Deauville (2016) 
Rodeo Drive Stakes -(1)- Photo Call (2015) 
Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup -(1)- Together (2011) 
Breeders Cup Colts Juvenile Turf -(1)- Line Of Duty (2018) 
Breeders’ Cup Turf -(4)- Red Rocks (2006), Magician (2013), Found (2015), Highland Reel (2016)

Australia – 7 Group 1
Stradbroke Handicap -(1)- Linton (2013) 
Sydney Cup -(1)- Niwot (2012) 
Spring Champion Stakes -(1)- Sousa (2008) 
The Metropolitan Handicap -(2)- Seville (2013), Foundry (2017) 
Ranvet Rawson Stakes -(1)- The United Stakes (2016) 
Cox Plate -(1)- Adelaide (2014)

South Africa – 5 Group 1
J & B Met -(1)- Igugu (2012) 
South African Fillies Classic -(1)- Igugu (2011) 
Durban July Handicap -(1)- Igugu (2011) 
Woolavington 2000 -(1)- Igugu (2011) 
Golden Slipper -(1)- Mahbooba (2010)

Canada – 1 Group 1
Woodbine Mile -(1)- Mondailiste (2015)

Hong Kong – 2 Group 1
Hong Kong Vase -(2)- Highland Reel (2015) Highland Reel (2017)

Italy – 1 Group 1
Derby Italiano -(1)- Cima De Triomphe (2008)

United Arab Emirates – 1 Group 1
Jebel Hatta -(1)- Decorated Knight (2017)        

Galileo Group/Grade One Winners By Crop Order 
First Crop 2003
Allegretto - Prix Royal-Oak
Nightime - Irish 1000 Guineas
Red Rocks - Breeders' Cup Turf, Man o' War Stakes
Sixties Icon - St Leger Stakes

Second Crop 2004
Celestial Halo - Triumph Hurdle
Niwot - Sydney Cup
Soldier of Fortune - Irish Derby, Coronation Cup
Teofilo - National Stakes, Dewhurst Stakes

Third Crop 2005
Alandi - Irish St Leger, Prix du Cadran
Cima De Triomphe - Derby Italiano
Lush Lashes - Coronation Stakes, Yorkshire Oaks, Matron Stakes
New Approach - national Stakes, Dewhurst Stakes, Epsom Derby, Irish Champion Stakes, Champion Stakes
Sousa - Spring Champion Stakes

Fourth Crop 2006
Altano - Prix du Cadran
Linton - Stradbroke Handicap
Rip Van Winkle - Sussex Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, International Stakes
Sans Frontieres - Irish St Leger

Fifth Crop 2007
Cape Blanco - Irish Derby, Irish Champion Stakes, Man o' War Stakes, Arlington Million, Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Invitational Stakes
Igugu - Durban July Handicap, South African Fillies Classic, Woolavington 2000, Cape Metropolitan Stakes
Lily Of The Valley - Prix de l'Opera
Mahbooba - Clairwood Golden Slipper

Sixth Crop 2008
Frankel - Dewhurst Stakes, 2000 Guineas, St. James's Palace Stakes, Sussex Stakes (twice), Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, Lockinge Stakes, Queen Anne Stakes, International Stakes, Champion Stakes 
Galikova - Prix Vermeille
Golden Lilac - Poule d'Essai des Pouliches, Prix de Diane, Prix d'Ispahan
Misty for Me - Moyglare Stud Stakes, Prix Marcel Boussac, Irish 1000 Guineas, Pretty Polly Stakes
Nathaniel - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Eclipse Stakes
Roderic O'Connor - Criterium International, Irish 2000 Guineas
Seville - AJC Metropolitan Handicap
Together - Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup
Treasure Beach - Irish Derby, Secretariat Stakes

Seventh Crop 2009
Great Heavens - Irish Oaks
Imperial Monarch - Grand Prix de Paris
Maybe - Moyglare Stud Stakes
Noble Mission - Tattersalls Gold Cup, Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud †, Champion Stakes
Romantica - Prix Jean Romanet
Was - Epsom Oaks
Windsor Park- Baring Bingham Novices' Hurdle

Eighth Crop 2010
Intello - Prix du Jockey Club
Kingsbarns - Racing Post Trophy
Magician - Irish 2000 Guineas, Breeders' Cup Turf
Mondialiste - Woodbine Mile, Arlington Million
Ruler of the World - Epsom Derby
The United States - Ranvet Stakes
Foundry - Metropolitan Stakes 

Ninth Crop 2011
Adelaide - Secretariat Stakes, Cox Plate
Australia - Epsom Derby, Irish Derby, International Stakes
Marvellous - Irish 1000 Guineas
Photo Call - Rodeo Drive Stakes, First Lady Stakes
Tapestry - Yorkshire Oaks

Tenth Crop 2012
Curvy - E.P. Taylor Stakes
Gleneagles - Vincent O'Brien Stakes, 2000 Guineas Stakes, Irish 2000 Guineas, St. James's Palace Stakes
Highland Reel - Secretariat Stakes, Hong Kong Vase, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Breeders' Cup Turf, Coronation Stakes, Prince of Wales Stakes, Hong Kong Vase.
Order of St George - Irish St. Leger, x 2 Ascot Gold Cup
Together Forever - Fillies' Mile
Found -Prix Marcel Boussac, Breeders' Cup Turf, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
Decorated Knight -  Jebel Hatta, Tattersalls Gold Cup, Irish Champion Stakes

Eleventh Crop 2013
Alice Springs - Falmouth Stakes, Matron Stakes, Sun Chariot Stakes
Ballydoyle - Prix Marcel Boussac
Deauville - Belmont Derby
Johannes Vermeer - Critérium International
Minding - Moyglare Stud Stakes, Fillies' Mile, 1000 Guineas Stakes, Epsom Oaks, Pretty Polly Stakes, Nassau Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Stakes
Seventh Heaven - Irish Oaks, Yorkshire Oaks
The Gurkha - Poule d'Essai des Poulains, Sussex Stakes
Ulysses - Eclipse Stakes. International Stakes 

Twelfth Crop 2014
Capri - Irish Derby, St Leger
Churchill - National Stakes, Dewhurst Stakes, 2000 Guineas, Irish 2000 Guineas.
Hydrangea - Matron Stakes, Champion Fillies & Mares Stakes. 
Rhododendron - Fillies' Mile, Prix L'Opera, Lockinge Stakes.
Winter - 1000 Guineas, Irish 1000 Guineas, Coronation Stakes, Nassau Stakes. 
Waldgeist - Criterium De St Cloud, Grand Prix De Saint-Cloud

Thirteenth Crop 2015
Clemmie - Cheveley Park Stakes.
Happily - Moyglare Stud Stakes, Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère
Forever Together - Epsom Oaks 
Kew Gardens - Grand Prix De Paris, St Leger Stakes 
Flag Of Honour - Irish St Leger Stakes 
Magical - Champion Fillies & Mares Stakes 

Fourteenth Crop 2016
Line Of Duty - Breeders Cup Colts Juvenile Turf

Galileo Progeny Group One Wins By Year
2006 (5)
Nightime - Irish 1000 Guineas 
Red Rocks  - Breeders’ Cup Turf 
Sixties Icon - - St Leger 
Teofilo - Dewhurst Stakes 
Teofilo - National Stakes 

2007 (4)
Allegretto -Prix Royal-Oak 
New Approach - Dewhurst Stakes 
New Approach - National Stakes 
Soldier Of Fortune - Irish Derby 

2008 (9)
Lush Lashes  - Yorkshire Oaks 
Lush Lashes - Coronation Stakes 
Lush Lashes - Matron Stakes 
New Approach  - Irish Champion Stakes 
New Approach - Champion Stakes 
New Approach - Derby 
Red Rocks - Man O’War Stakes 
Soldier Of Fortune - Coronation Cup 
Sousa - Spring Champion Stakes 

2009 (4)
Alandi - Irish St Leger 
Alandi - Prix du Cadran 
Rip Van Winkle - Queen Elizabeth II Stakes 
Rip Van Winkle - Sussex Stakes 

2010 (11)
Cape Blanco - Irish Champion Stakes 
Cape Blanco - Irish Derby 
Cima De Triomphe - Derby Italiano 
Frankel - Dewhurst Stakes 
Lily Of The Valley - Prix de l’Opera 
Mahbooba - Golden Slipper 
Misty For Me - Moyglare Stud Stakes 
Misty For Me - Prix Marcel Boussac 
Rip Van Winkle - International Stakes 
Roderic O’Connor - Criterium International 
Sans Frontieres - Irish St Leger 

2011 (21)
Cape Blanco  - Man O’War Stakes 
Cape Blanco - Arlington Million 
Cape Blanco - Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Inv Stakes 
Frankel - 2000 Guineas 
Frankel - Queen Elizabeth II Stakes 
Frankel - St James’s Palace Stakes 
Frankel - Sussex Stakes 
Galikova - Prix Vermeille 
Golden Lilac - Poule d’Essai des Pouliches 
Golden Lilac - Prix de Diane 
Igugu - Durban July Handicap 
Igugu - South African Fillies Classic 
Igugu - Woolavington 
Misty For Me - Irish 1000 Guineas 
Misty For Me - Pretty Polly Stakes 
Nathaniel - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes 
Niwot - Sdney Cup 
Roderic O’Connor - Irish 2000 Guineas 
Together - Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup 
Treasure Beach  - Secretariat Stakes 
Treasure Beach - Irish Derby 

2012 (13)
Frankel -  Lockinge Stakes 
Frankel - Champion Stakes 
Frankel - International Stakes 
Frankel - Queen Anne Stakes 
Frankel - Sussex Stakes 
Great Heavens - Irish Oaks 
Golden Lilac - Prix d’Ispahan 
Igugu - J & B Met 
Imperial Monarch - Grand Prix de Paris 
Kingsbarns - Racing Post Trophy 
Nathaniel - Eclipse Stakes 
Niwot - Sydney Cup 
Was - Oaks

2013 (9)
Altano - Prix du Cadran 
Intello - Prix du Jockey Club 
Linton - Stradbroke Handicap 
Magician - Irish 2000 Guineas 
Magician- Breeders’ Cup Turf 
Maybe - Moyglare Stud Stakes 
Romantica - Prix Jean Romanet 
Ruler Of The World - Derby 
Seville - The Metropolitan Handicap 

2014 (13)
Adelaide - Cox Plate 
Adelaide - Secretariat Stakes 
Australia - Derby 
Australia - International Stakes 
Australia - Irish Derby 
Found - Prix Marcel Boussac 
Gleneagles -  National Stakes 
Marvellous - Irish 1000 Guineas 
Noble Mission - Champion Stakes 
Noble Mission - Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud 
Noble Mission - Tattersalls Gold Cup 
Tapestry - Yorkshire Oaks 
Together Forever - Fillies’ Mile 

2015 (14)
Ballydoyle - Prix Marcel Boussac 
Curvy - E P Taylor Stakes 
Found - Breeders’ Cup Turf 
Gleneagles - 2000 Guineas 
Gleneagles - Irish 2000 Guineas 
Gleneagles - St James’s Palace Stakes 
Highland Reel  - Secretariat Stakes 
Highland Reel - Hong Kong Vase 
Johannes Vermeer - Criterium International 
Minding - Fillies’ Mile 
Minding - Moyglare Stud Stakes 
Mondailiste - Woodbine Mile 
Order Of St George - Irish St Leger 
Photo Call - Rodeo Drive Stakes 

2016 (24)
Alice Springs - Falmouth Stakes 
Alice Springs - Matron Stakes
Alice Springs - Sun Chariot Stakes 
Churchill - National Stakes 
Churchill - Dewhurst Stakes 
Deauville - Belmont Derby 
Found - Prix de L’Arc de Triomph 
Highland Reel - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes 
Highland Reel - Breeders’ Cup Turf 
Minding - 1000 Guineas 
Minding - Nassau Stakes 
Minding - Oaks
Minding - Pretty Polly Stakes 
Minding - Queen Elizabeth II Stakes 
Mondailiste - Arlington Million 
Order Of St George - Gold Cup 
Photo Call - First Lady Stakes
Rhododendron - Fillies’ Mile 
Seventh Heaven - Irish Oaks 
Seventh Heaven - Yorkshire Oaks 
The Gurkha - Poule d’Essai des Poulains 
The Gurkha - Sussex Stakes 
The United Stakes - Ranvet Rawson Stakes 
Waldgeist - Criterium de Saint-Cloud

2017 24
Capri  - Irish Derby 
Capri - St Leger 
Churchill  - 2000 Guineas 
Churchill - Irish 2000 Guineas 
Clemmie - Cheveley Park Stakes 
Decorated Knight - Irish Champion Stakes 
Decorated Knight - Jebel Hatta 
Decorated Knight - Tattersalls Gold Cup 
Foundry - The Metropolitan Handicap 
Happily - Moyglare Stud Stakes 
Happily - Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère 
Highland Reel - Coronation Cup 
Highland Reel - Pince of Wales Stakes 
Highland Reel - Hong Kong Vase
Hydrangea- Matron Stakes 
Hydrangea - Champion Fillies & Mares Stakes
Order Of St George - Irish St Leger 
Rhododenron - Prix de l’Opera 
Ulysses - Eclipse Stakes 
Ulysses - International Stakes 
Winter - 1000 Guineas 
Winter - Coronation Stakes 
Winter - Irish 1000 Guineas 
Winter - Nassau Stakes 

2018 7
Rhododendron - Lockinge Stakes 
Forever Together - Epsom Oaks 
Waldgeist - Grand Prix De Saint-Cloud
Kew Gardens - Grand Prix De Paris
Kew Gardebs - St Leger Stakes 
Flag Of Honour - Irish St Leger Stakes 
Magical - Champion Fillies & Mares Stakes 
Line Of Duty - Breeders Cup Colts Juvenile Turf

14 sons of Galileo have produced group one winners
Cima De Triomphe ,Frankel, Heliostatic, Intello, Nathaniel, New Approach, Rip Van Winkle, Roderic O’Connor, Ruler Of The World, Sixties Icon, Soldier Of Fortune, Teofilo, Treasure Beach, & Yazamaan.

Picture of Galileo's first ever appearance in a Coolmore Brochure 

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A tribute to Galileo by Anne Alston (aka Red)

The Irish flat season has just gotten underway at Naas, and we saw the return to action of the latest crop of Galileo 3-year olds. His first runner coming in the shape of multiple Group 1 Alice Springs’ sister Hence who has an entry in two of the Irish classics the 1000 guineas and Oaks, she ran a solid race to finish 2nd on ground she would have hated. She showed us enough to whet the appetite for the coming season ahead and the dreams of more glory days not for any other reason than for the horse. 

The term Legend these days is thrown about like cheap confetti but not so in the case of Galileo for he is an “Equine Living Legend”.  He was born to two already accomplished parents in Sadler’s Wells and Urban Sea on the 30th March 1999 at Coolmore Stud in Fethard, his sire would win an incredible 14 sires titles in his career and would become a sire of sires and his dam would give birth to 11 foals and was considered a broodmare “Blue Hen” which means she produced multiple stakes horses of the highest calibre who would then go on to do the same, this is accomplished down the female line only.

The Making of a Legend: - 

In late 1999 as a yearling Galileo would have left Coolmore Stud to make the short journey to Ballydoyle stables where he would remain until his racing career was finished. He had been well handled since his birth and that would go a long way into shaping him into the race horse he would be then and into the stallion he is today, he is very professional in all that he does, and he has the perfect temperament, there is no nastiness about him which you can find with some stallions. He would finish growing and stand at 16.05 Hands High.

Galileo was so named by Sue Magnier in the first half of 2000 this was a name to be proud of a proper stallion’s name the Bay Colt would have a lot to live up to.  He would only make one race course appearance as a 2-year-old which came late in the season at Leopardstown in the October a race which he would win by 14 lengths and announce to the world that he was a colt full of potential. He was a colt who would be kept for a classic campaign in his 3-year-old season. He would run a further 7 times as a 3-year-old including winning the Epsom and Irish Derby’s. In his racing career he ran 8 times winning 6 and finishing 2nd in one. Alas we wouldn’t see him as a 4-year-old and we were left to dream on what might have been. Not for the horse’s sake you understand but for selfish reasons for the purely emotional attachment you make to horses that you see coming back year after year. There would be no Arc attempt with Galileo where I’m sure he would have run with distinction in his 4-year-old season.

At stud: - 

Galileo has been a phenomenal sire at stud as things currently stand he has sired 436 individual stakes winners with 168 individual group race winners and 70 individual group one winners, 37 of the are multiple Group 1 winners. He is also responsible for 29 individual classic winners and 8 multiple classic winners. He has been champion sire 9 times and we can only hope he has plenty more to come. 

The one person who should be credited with shaping Galileo into the sire he is today must surely belong to Classic winning trainer, owner and breeder Jim Bolger. He said, "John Magnier freely admits that things might have been different if it hadn’t been for me," If things had turned out differently there would be no 10-time Group 1 winner Frankel, 7-time Group 1 winner and multiple classic winner Minding and 7- time Group 1 winner Highland Reel to mention a few.

Galileo wouldn’t have had the same opportunities if he had ben exported elsewhere to stand at stud. He is arguably the world's most sought-after stallion and his record speaks for itself.

"Galileo is a very quiet horse, he's very easy to handle. He's very professional in his job - that's what makes him so good in my eyes. He's just a gentleman to have anything to do with. 

As he was such a good racehorse, he continued that form, from his breeding and temperament, into his new job and he's transferred that on to his progeny as well." Quotes a stallion groom. 

He is also inducted into the Irish horse racing’s hall of fame 2nd only to his sire saddler’s Wells in achieving that honour. That there tells you all you need to know about Galileo the perfect accolade. 

The greatest compliment I can give Galileo is to describe any offspring by him is their will to win and mental fortitude they would run through and equine brick wall for you and still come back for more. He truly is a class above. 

His 14th crop of 2-year olds will come into play this year hopefully they can give Galileo another 2-year-old sires title and have some genuine classic hopes for 2019. As things stand right now there are only 2 sires ahead of him in the all-time standings for the best Group/Grade 1 sire ever they are Danehill and Galileo’s father Sadler’s Wells, Galileo will soon pass both of them to become the greatest sire ever. 

Galileo’s son Australia has been given the title of Heir apparent he has a big weight of responsibility on his shoulders I can only hope he turns out in the same mould as his illustrious father at stud.

I look forward to my 4th visit with the remarkable stallion in the near future. Each and every time I see him I am in awe of him, he has a magical quality about him which is rare. I hope that he can be around longer than his grand sire Northern Dancer's 29 years and  pass his sire's 30 years. 

Should you wish to become better acquainted with Galileo from his birth onwards I suggest purchasing a copy of the Greatness of Galileo book. 

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